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Research Paper

A research paper is the culmination and final product of an involved process of research, critical thinking, source evaluation, organization, and composition. (Source: Purdue Online Writing Lab)

The definition implies that a research paper is a product of a series of researches and investigations on specific subject areas. The process of writing a research paper includes the interaction between the researcher and the source as the researcher needs to evaluate the arguments of the source. On this account, it can also be said that writing a research paper is a continuous process as it requires researchers to investigate questions that may arise in the process of their research. Writing a research paper also requires writers to explore the topic, interact with it through asking questions, interprets the ideas of the sources, and evaluates the arguments.

Writing a Research Paper

A research paper is not merely composed of incoherent discussion of topics; it is composed of well-thought arguments that are based on critical research. Research papers are written with the aim to inform the readers, contribute to the development of further research regarding the subject, and provide unique perspectives. Additionally, writing a research paper not only contributes to the development of further research, it also provides researchers the opportunity to increase their knowledge in the subject area. As students need to develop their critical thinking and research skills, they are required to pass research papers.

There are two major kinds of research papers:

1. Argumentative

Argumentative research papers are those that introduce readers to a certain topic, provide descriptions and evaluations of previous researchers, and make its own stand with regard to the topic at hand. In argumentative research papers, the thesis statement introduces readers to the main question discussed in the research paper. Additionally, the thesis statement also expresses that stand of the researcher concerning the topic. In argumentative papers, researchers use argumentation and persuasion to convince the reader to take a similar stand. On this account, researchers need to gather ample information on their chosen topic to support their argument.

An argumentative research paper is composed of three main parts:

  • Introduction

    The introductory part of an argumentative paper should discuss the aims of the research, the reason why the research was conducted, and the stand of the researcher. In the introduction, researchers should state the scope and limitation of the research to guide the readers as they read the paper. Additionally, researchers should state their claims clearly and take their stand regarding the issue in the thesis statement. The thesis is crucial because it is the foundation of the research; all details of the research are aimed to prove the validity of the thesis.

  • Body

    The body of the research includes a brief description of the relevant sources, the supporting detail of the thesis statement, and the source evaluation of the researchers. Additionally, the body of the paper should be coherent, understandable, and logical. As argumentative papers aim to convince readers, researchers need to explain the reason why those sources are taken as supporting evidences of the research. In the body, researchers should maintain their stand by providing information why their stand is valid and logical.

  • Conclusion

    The conclusion, as the last part of the paper, should leave a significant impact on the reader. In the conclusion, the researcher restates the thesis, importance of the research, opposing viewpoints, and the potential issues that may arise should the research be pursued. In short, the conclusion is the summary of the entire research. It captures the social and academic relevance of the study.

2. Analytical

Analytical research paper is more of an exploratory and evaluative paper in a sense that it focuses on a specific question regarding the topic. In analytical papers, researchers focus on a specific issue in the subject area and tackle the issue throughout the paper. Additionally, this type of research paper provides a new insight about a certain topic without arguing its validity, nor persuading the audience that the argument is right or wrong. Oftentimes, this research begins with a question, the answer of which is found at the last part of the paper.

A Complex Task

The following are some of the reasons why writing a research paper is a complex task:

1. It requires long hours of research.

Writing a research paper is a challenging task especially for students who are busy with other school activities. Students’ study schedules are usually hectic as they have to cope with the lectures and extra-curricular activities. Writing a research paper requires long hours of research as the researcher needs to read the sources thoroughly and analyze the information.

2. Objectivity is needed in the evaluation process.

People have different experiences in life, and those experiences should not hinder the sound judgment of the researcher as he/she evaluates the information. In writing research papers, issues should not be discussed in the context of one’s own orientations; rather, the discussion should be based on scientific theories and concepts.

3. Effective critical thinking and writings skills are needed. Writing research papers needs a thorough understanding of academic writing standards.

Research papers should present ideas, concepts, and judgments clearly. Additionally, academic research papers need to conform to standards of grammar and composition as well as citation formats. For this reason, researchers need to be familiar with different writing styles and formats to present their ideas clearly. Aside from the necessity of conforming to research writing standards, researchers need to develop critical writing skills to ensure that their work is logical and relevant.

Why Students Need Essay Writing Service Companies

Students need essay writing companies as they offer services that are helpful in their academic pursuits. As essay writing service companies offer them professional help in essay writing, students will be able to develop their writing skills. Students will also be able to benefit from the quality papers that essay writing companies provide. Additionally, students have busy schedules, and they can always use a little help when it comes to spending time in doing research writing works. Thus, essay writing companies not only provide quality papers, they can also make a student’s schedule less hectic.

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